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Traditionally, maps have been drawn in 2D or two dimensions on a piece of paper. These two dimensions are length and breadth. Advanced developments in computer graphics has made possible 2D maps to be created on a computer based application.

Computer graphic applications nowadays are used to create 2D maps. These maps have now replaced the traditional hand drawn maps. These map plotting software offer advantage over conventional tool such as a pencil, ruler and a drafter. Such software provides flexibility, ease and time savings in 2D Map drafting. Maps could be altered or parameters could be changed as per wish.

Various attributes could be fed into different mapped elements on the map. The map could be visualized from different levels of elevation. Comprehensive views of streets, buildings, water bodies, fields etc. is possible in such maps.

The plotting of such maps from raw satellite or aerial photographs requires considerable amount of care, precision and skills. Proper data is fed into such maps depending on the utility of the map. The data relates to various layers such as transportation, telephone lines, transmission lines, water, and gas pipelines etc.

Such 2D Maps are quite useful. Once created, they can serve as a base-layer for other types of maps. For instance, the information about surveyed telephone infrastructure could be added as a layer on base-layer. The resultant map could then be used by utility providers such as telecom companies to plan and take decisions related to future plans or existing plans. Similarly, different layers pertaining to roads, greenery, buildings, streets, pipelines could be used in various combinations.

[What different type of people or agencies could use such data or maps? – could be a line or two on this topic too, or was it for understanding?]

At SkylanIT we provide such facilities. Our team of skilled associates draft 2D maps from available raw data. Depending on the needs of the client, we can draft 2D maps which represent various features.

[Also, digitization of old maps which have been drawn on paper could be achieved using such a software. We also provide such services using 2D-CAD (Computer Aided Design) software to plot such maps.]