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3D (Three Dimensional) drafting consists of drawing accurate models or representations of objects, buildings and landscapes among others.

3D mapping consists of drawing 3D maps from existing 2D maps. This is possible with the help of advanced GIS applications.

3D maps represent a geographical area in all three dimensions i.e. length, breadth and height. In a 2D map one is able to view geographical features spread over an area in length and breadth only. While in a 3D map, one is able to view such features having height or depth also. Such 3D maps can help us appreciate the spread of a phenomena such as buildings, forests, roads etc. in a better way. For instance, in a 3D map, buildings of varying heights could be plotted thereby giving a better impression of reality.

A 3D map is created with 2D maps providing the base for them. In a 2D map, the attributes for various features such as buildings, flyovers, greenery, water bodies etc. are recorded into the map. Attributes here refer to various measurements and values a body would hold in real world. Such attributes are captured using survey data, software measurements and approximations. Using an appropriate software, such attributes can help create a 3D Map for any area.

3D maps have become very useful. Since the real world objects are modelled in them, they could be used for variety of purposes such as City Planning, Building Information Modelling, Coastal Model Analysis, disaster response among others. Take City Planning for instance. Various amenities and infrastructure could be visualized in space using a 3D map. This helps planners, agencies and engineers visualize and analyze how various plans would look like. Important decisions such as allocation of resources, disaster response could then be taken in an efficient manner.

Here, at SkylanIT, we provide services in 3D Map drawing. With the help of 2D base maps our skilled professionals draw 3D Maps. These maps model the real world as close as possible with their various built in attributes.