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Consumer Surveys are used to obtain relevant information about the existing product or services offered by a firm. They are also helpful in gathering preferences, opinions and expectations for new or old product and services.

They are crucial in decision making and can change the fortunes of a firm if assessed and used effectively.

Merely launching a product or service may not be enough for a company to succeed in business. Proper feedback has to reach the company so that it can change and formulate strategies. Consumers of a product or service are the best ways to get this feedback.

Consumer Surveys are one of the most effective ways through which consumers could voice in their response to a company’s offerings. These surveys could be conducted via letter, telephone, email, and face-to-face.

Here we are mainly concerned with face-to-face surveys. In this, interviewers go to people and ask questions relating to the product or service. While this may be limited to a few persons interviewed per interviewer per day, the feedback helps. These surveys helps businesses in assessing the popularity of their products, feasible areas of marketing, consumer preferences. Even if a new product is launched or existing is modified, surveys help in understanding the market and consumer dynamics.

Service providers, such as Taxi, food or other aggregators could use surveys. They are interested in knowing the feasibility of service, consumer base and preferences, demands and expectations of the people in a particular area. Such information is useful for the company or businessman to decide where to place their outlets, what areas would they serve and what is the number and composition of the consumer base.

At SkylanIT, we cater to the needs of such aggregators and companies which need to expand and strategize their products and services. We provide our services to gather information through door-to-door surveys. This way we help businesses realize optimum allocation of resources, maximize their profits and make better decisions.

Contact us, we would collect the customer choice and preferences for you, so that you may have relevant information without going through the hassle of ground surveys.

A good consumer survey helps you build your brand.