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Surveying is the technique of determining three-dimensional positions of points and the distances and angles between them. Surveys are useful in establishing maps and boundaries on a geographical area for various stakeholders such as civil authorities or private players.

Engineering Surveys are activities that serve construction or civil engineering projects. These involve project planning, design, quality control, and monitoring the conditions of completed projects.

Surveying helps in determining relative positions of different features above or beneath the surface of the Earth by means of direct and indirect measurement. Such information is then represented in a two-dimensional form which is known as plan or map.

Engineering surveys are important as they help in implementing massive infrastructural projects. Such projects include highways, reservoirs, waterways, airfields, seaports, tunnels, massive buildings etc. These surveys help in assessing the engineering feasibility of a project. They help in planning and execution of the aforementioned structures.

When it comes to engineering surveys, Cadastral are of particular interest. Cadastral maps shows boundaries and ownership of land parcels. These maps include the precise location and dimensions of properties. Local, regional and national bodies use such maps to make well informed decisions.

We, here at SkylanIT, use the latest equipment and software to conduct surveys. We gather, process and edit the data as per the requirements. We provide data in AutoCAD and other major formats. We also provide data in digital or hard-copy format as may be required by our clients.

Since, an engineering survey data is to serve the backbone of future projects and relevant surveys, it must be of high quality. We adhere to Quality Assurance norms at all the stages of a survey. This enables us to detect errors and omissions in the relevant work before we finalize it.

As surveys are important in projects and structures, we play a role at the planning stages for our clients.