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"A GIS application lets a user produce maps and other types of pictorial displays of geographical information which can be utilised for presentation and analysis. The Geographic Information system application is, therefore, used to store, manipulate, analyze and present data related to a variety of geographical phenomena."

Such computer based systems needs to be developed according to the needs of the agency. Hence, custom built GIS applications are required.

In general, organizations or businesses needs to have applications which suit their business or transactional requirements. Thus, they need custom built applications. A software firm is usually hired or a team of developers are assigned the task to develop such applications. GIS services could not be provided without an adequately developed software. Such a software is complex both code-wise and in its associated functionalities.

Sometimes, a pre-existing application which provides GIS solutions may not be enough for an organization. The organization may need customized application to serve their needs better. In such cases, a GIS application developed according to the specific requirements may be needed.

Here at SkylanIT, we provide the following GIS Application Development Services

  • Design, Development and maintenance of custom geospatial databases
  • GIS application development and enterprise integration
  • GIS Integration along with designing, development and maintenance of spatial database
  • Comprehensive data management, Geo-database development.
  • Testing services on GIS platforms
  • Implementing mobile solutions around GIS – Are we for Mobile services?
  • Maintenance support

To fulfill such demands, right from requirement gathering to delivery of GIS application, special attention is to be given at each stage. We ensure that we stay in consonance with our clients during the entire application development life cycle so that the best of the products could be delivered.

GIS data needs to be collected by surveying teams from various sites. These various sites and data entered may be of similar kind. To capture data with ease and effectiveness on the site, a customized application is needed. Herein, we come into the picture as we also develop applications customized for GIS data collection.