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A survey is generally used to measure of opinion or experiences of a group of people or target audience. This is done by asking them appropriate and relevant questions.

Industry Surveys are important for any firm. They help gain proper feedbacks, insights, customer needs. They also help identify emerging trends.

An industry or a business, from time to time, wants to assess its position in the market. It wants to know what consumers think of the products and services it offers. It wants to know its position as compared to its competitors and whatnot. To acquire such information various industries such as hotels, retail, travel, health care, banking, insurance, etc. conduct industry surveys.

An industry survey could be done with many motives. Pilot surveys could be done to assess the consumer base of any product if they are to be marketed in an area. Pilot surveys give an idea of whether a product would succeed or not. Surveys relating to existing product and services could be carried out in order to gauge trends and consumer preferences. Such surveys help in understanding the current state of services. Important decisions and strategies could be made as a result of the feedback obtained from these surveys.

Merely asking a bunch of questions from an audience or consumer base would not constitute a proper survey. A survey needs to be properly planned in order to elicit a good and accurate response. Questions asked should be keeping certain objectives in mind. Wordings, scale, style of questions should be made as interesting as possible. Consistency has to be maintained in asking questions. An ordered and proper logical flow of questions should be designed. Familiar words and easy to understand unambiguous sentences must be used.

The survey should not force the user towards a particular response. It should also be able to be filled in a short period of time. Respondents lose interest in long or presumably unfriendly surveys. Hence, we see how important it is to create a proper survey.

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