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A vehicle which has been stopped and disengaged is said to be parked. A parking lot is a place where parking facilities are available. Parking mapping is concerned with providing information to motorists about the parking facilities available in their vicinity. This enables in proper utilization of limited parking spaces available in congested areas, especially cities.

In cities and urban areas, vehicles are in abundance. The space to park such vehicles is limited. Lack of parking facilities may lead to congestion in certain areas. Such congestion causes traffic issues and affects the productivity of an urban area. Valuable man-hours are lost in such congestion. To reduce such congestion, parking management becomes an essential thing. Good parking facilities and their management affect the flow (people and material) and population of a city in many ways.

Parking Mapping comes as a great help to city-based facilities such as stadiums, shopping malls, worshipping places etc. They help the Urban Local Body (ULB) authorities to assess available parking spaces and make decisions to reduce traffic congestions.

Information is collected about the different parking spaces available in a particular region in the city. Various parameters such as occupancy, distance from a potential user, geolocation, possible alternatives etc. are collected. This information is then mapped. A real-time picture of the parking spaces, spread over a geographical areas is thus gathered. Various applications are developed which use this real-time information. Such applications help the motorist to take decisions to park at convenient places and schedule their visits.

Thus, parking mapping helps in efficient and optimum use of limited available parking resources. This makes the life of ULB authorities, motorists, facility providers and citizens in general, easier and soothing.