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Telecom or Telecommunication sector has revolutionized the ways humans interact or communicate. Long distances have become shorter. In fact, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call the world a global village.

With advances in communications and electronic technology, conducting media such as the introduction of optical fibre and the rise of advanced handheld mobile devices, Telecommunication sector has seen unprecedented leaps.

At the base of this is the telecommunication infrastructure such as telecom exchanges, cellular towers, and optical fibre networks. These facilities need to be located somewhere on the map. To place them on a geographical location would require proper surveys.

These surveys need to be carried keeping in mind various factors. These factors include physical land boundary assessment, regulatory and logistical considerations etc.

Also, Telecom Companies need to assess the consumer base of an area in order to alter their infrastructure and marketing strategies. This helps them in better utilization of existing resources, install or remove towers and, modify their plans as per new developments. This needs survey of the consumer base and their preferences.

Here at SkylanIT, we provide services in order to conduct proper surveys for infrastructural, locational and consumer data for our clients. OFC surveys (Optical Fiber Cable Surveys)

Optical fibre has revolutionized the field of transmission of information. Optical fibers have very high bandwidth, transmits to longer distances, suffer less losses and don’t suffer from electromagnetic interference when compared to traditional electric cables. This makes them the backbone of network communication structures.

To lay optical fibers along a national or state highway, inside a city or in any geographical area requires proper survey. Mapping such survey data would help in better planning and implementation, thereby cutting costs and utilizing resources in an optimum way. Here at SkylanIT, we provide survey services to our clients to help plan the laying of optical fibers. Be it surveying for a greenfield optical fibre project or a brownfield one, we have the solutions you want.

Network solutions:

To visualize this, consider that an optical fibre has to be laid on a hilly terrain. In this case a different approach to lay an optical fibre has to be adopted. Some places would offer a discontinuity to physical infrastructure. Wireless communication setup would have then to be placed at strategic line-of-sight places to ensure continuity of communication. This combination of wireless and physical medium would comprise what one would call network solutions.

Network solutions may require more than conventional approach to provide solutions. We provide network solutions to our clients, be they telecom companies, regional or municipal planners among others.