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Transportation in its most basic sense is the movement of humans and goods from one place to another.

Transportation has a complex spread over an area. Although being linear, it has a contiguous spread over the surface of the earth. Various nodes are interconnected to each other in a never ending network.

Transportation systems, being inherently geographic, have their manifestations in space and time. GIS systems could be used to work on transportation systems so that they be analyzed, managed, reported and depicted cartographically.

Transportation systems an aerial and directional spread. Surveys are carried out to capture information about roads, flyovers, lanes, intersections and other features. Then the GIS techniques are used to fit in the surveyed transportation related data on a map.

Once mapped, such transportation data is a goldmine for various stakeholders such as planners, urban taxi aggregators, traffic police etc. They can use such data in their own customized ways to reap benefits. GIS techniques can also help in the logistics sector. For instance, shipping container could be tracked, their movement and stacking etc. could be optimized with the help of GIS services.

GIS systems help in increasing productivity, reconsidering designs, operations and management, thereby reducing congestion and time losses especially in urban areas, critical intersections. They help in increasing transportation performance and better decision making. Also, the future course of an expanding transportation network and the shape it will take could be monitored and planned in advance.

Here, at SkylanIT, we provide surveying services related to road transportation. Using such surveys we provide GIS related transportation data according to the business requirements of service providers and aggregators. Such data could help the firms in estimating and planning the best utilization of their resources.