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Cities or urban areas are dynamic entities. They grow and alter over time and space. It is imperative that their development be planned so that they can sustain its population and infrastructure.

To guide the growth, GIS systems becomes crucial to Urban Planners and other stakeholders.

GIS data helps in anticipating and analyzing urban growth, directions of expansion of an urban centre and the impact of proposed projects on the urban landscape and land-use patterns.

GIS helps in checking regulatory compliance, preserving historic sites, mapping deliverable utilities, assessing environmental impact etc. Performing land-use analysis planners can identify new potential usage, guide development in areas which are resilient to natural disasters or revitalize urban centres for new businesses.

GIS gives the planners the ability to model and predict urban growth trajectory by analyzing physical, social and economic data. This results in better and well informed decision making which helps in reaching sustainable and targeted growth.

Here, at SkylanIT, we provide our services which cover two broad aspects:

      A. City Planning: Client approaches us to conduct surveys of an area of a city. This may help the client to plan for provision of utilities such as water and electricity. Such surveys may be for installing new utilities or modifying existing utilities.

      B. Property Tax assessment: Local governing bodies may want to maximize on their property tax collection. Due to inaccurate and incomplete property records they may not be able to do so. We provide mapped data of properties available over a region. Now, with comprehensive land records