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Web Development of is the best website designed to serve the needs of lawyers, members, and the general public associated with the legal fraternity in Delhi, India. The website aims to provide essential resources, information, and online services to its users.

Client Background

The Delhi Bar Council, is a regulatory body overseeing legal practitioners in Delhi. They understand and felt the need for a modern and user-friendly website topresent their communication, provide resources, and facilitate online services for its members and stakeholders. So they approached our team for developing such website.


Demands of the Client

The client wanted us to develop a dynamic website with the following key features:

  1. Homepage:
  • Introduction to the Delhi Bar Council.
  • Easy & fast access to important sections and resources.
  • Links of various social media platforms for further engagement.
  1. About Us Section:
  • Information about the history, mission, and objectives of the Delhi Bar Council.
  • Details about its organizational structure, including council members and staff.
  1. Membership:
  • Guidelines on how to become a member.
  • Fee structure and rules and regulations for membership.
  1. Resources for Lawyers:
  • Access to important acts, legal resources, and FAQs.
  • Information about welfare programs for lawyers.
  1. Delhi Courts and Bar Associations:
  • Details about Delhi courts and affiliated bar associations.
  • Updates on notices and upcoming meetings.
  1. Online Services:
  • Various online forms for enrollment, complaints, transfers, etc.
  • Online payment facilities for associated services.
  1. Photo Gallery:
  • A collection of images showcasing functions, events, and enrollmentfunctions.
  • Highlights of special committees and community activities.
  1. Ethics and Codes:
  • Information on ethical standards and codes of conduct for legal practitioners.
  • Guidance on professional ethics and responsibilities.



Development Process We followed

The development team at SkylanIT followed an step-by-step process to ensure the website met the requirements and expectations of the Delhi Bar Council. The process included:

  1. Requirement Gathering:
  • Understanding the needs and preferences of the Delhi Bar Council.
  • Identifying functionalities and important featuresrequired for the website.
  1. Design and Development:
  • Making user-friendlyinterface along with easynavigation.
  • Implementing responsive design for easy viewing across devices.
  • Joining multimedia elements like images and videos.
  1. Content Management:
  • Developing clear and concise content for each section.
  • Make sure information that is provided is accurate and relevant.
  1. Testing and Feedback:
  • Conducting in-depth testing to identify and fix any bugs or issues.
  • Seeking feedback from clients to make necessary adjustments.
  1. Launch and Maintenance:
  • Deploying the completed website on reliable hosting platform.
  • Providing ongoing maintenance and support for smooth operation.



The development of has successfully addressed the need for a modern and accessible online platform for the Delhi Bar Council and its stakeholders/users. The website serves as a valuable resource hub and communication tool, providing transparency and efficiency within the legal community in Delhi.