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Client Background

Jewel Craft is a leading provider of jewelry-related services, specializing in Custom Design, Jewel-Craft Manufacturing, Laser Engraving, and Stone Setting. With a commitment to excellence and craftsmanship, Jewel Craft serves a diverse client base providing high-quality jewelry solutions.


Jewel Craft wanted us to create theirwebsite ( that shows their complete range of services, engages visitors through informative blogs, images and videos, displays job applications of various roles in their company, and provides a platform for user registration and interaction. They also wanted their website should

  • Highlight the diverse services offered by Jewel Craft, such as Custom Design, Manufacturing, Laser Engraving, and Stone Setting.
  • Provide a seamless user experience with easy access to contact information, job application forms, and registration forms.
  • Engage visitors with informative blogs related to jewelry and showcase videos of their working team.
  • Feature galleries showing their manufacturing process, marketing efforts, technical team, and executives.
  • Display sponsor names and company logos to highlight partnerships and affiliations.

Solution Implemented

  • Displayed Services: We designed the website to prominently display Jewel Craft’s range of services, to make surethat visitors can easily access information about Custom Design, Manufacturing, Laser Engraving, and Stone Setting.
  • Contact Pages and Application Forms: The website includes a dedicated Contact page with necessary contact information and a user-friendly form for inquiries. Along with it, a Job Application page allows interested candidates to apply for various job profiles within the company.
  • Blogs and Videos: Jewel Craft’s website features a blog section where visitors can find & read informative articles and insights related to jewelry. Links to videos showing how the working team adds a personal touch and provide transparency about the company’s operations.
  • Galleries: We created galleries highlighting various aspects of Jewel Craft’s operations, including manufacturing processes, marketing efforts, technical team members, and executives. These galleries offer visitors on the website a behind-the-scenes look of company’s activities and personnel.
  • Sponsors and Logos: The website displays sponsor names and company logos to acknowledge partnerships and affiliations, hence adding credibility to Jewel Craft’s brand.
  • User Registration Form: A user-friendly registration form allows visitors to sign up for newsletters, updates, and exclusive offers from Jewel Craft, creating a sense of community and engagement.


The web development project for Jewel Craft has successfully achieved the client’s goals of creating a user-friendly and informative website that shows their services, engages visitors through blogs and videos, and helps user interaction and registration. The website serves as a valuable platform for both existing clients and potential customers to learn about Jewel Craft’s offerings and engage with the brand.

Moving forward, the website will continue to play an important role in strengthening Jewel Craft’s online presence, developing customer relationships, and driving business growth in the jewelry industry.