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Web Development for Nihit Foundation

Client Background

Nihit Foundation is a non-governmental organization (NGO) based in India. It is dedicated to the welfare, education, skill development, and social upliftment of women and children belonging to socio-economic backward sections of society in India. Their mission includes providing education, teaching them skills for livelihood, moral values, support, recreational activities, and overall well-being for women and kids.


  • Develop a user-friendly website to showcase the past, present, and future works and activities of Nihit Foundation.
  • Include sections such as ‘Contact Us’, ‘About Us’, ‘Join Us’, ‘Gallery’, and latest updates related to NGO events.
  • Design an attractive homepage highlighting various works, collaborative partners, and catchy phrases about their mission & vision.
  • Ensure that the website and each webpage are SEO-friendly to achieve top rankings in various search engines like Google.


  • We collaborated closely with Nihit Foundation to understand their goals and requirements for making an attractive website.
  • Designed a clean and responsive layout with easy navigation to showcase the diverse activities and initiatives of the NGO.
  • Our team implemented ‘Contact Us’, ‘About Us’, ‘Join Us’, ‘Gallery’, sections to provide complete information and encourage engagement from users.
  • We also included visuals of all of their conducted events, testimonials, and success stories to highlight the impact of Nihit Foundation’s work on society.
  • Ensured that the entire website and each webpage are optimized for SEO, with relevant keywords, meta tags, and content structure.


  • The website for Nihit Foundation has received positive feedback from visitors, and collaborators.
  • SEO-friendly design & content of webpages has helped the website to achieve higher rankings in search engine results, leading to increased online visibility and reach.
  • Improved user experience, user-friendly& responsive navigation has increased the engagement and interaction on the website with the NGO’s initiatives and projects.


By coordinating closely with Nihit Foundation and understanding their unique needs, we successfully developed a user-friendly and SEO-friendly website to showcase their impactful work.

The website serves as a valuable platform for Nihit Foundation to connect with their supporters, collaborators, and beneficiaries, resulting in positive change in lives of socio-economic backward communities in India.

Moving forward, we continue to support Nihit Foundation in providingcontinuous maintenance and optimizing their website to further improve their impact and online reach.